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Page last updated on 08/10/2010
General Enforcement & Conditions 

General Enforcement

Local Authorities have statutory duties and powers to take enforcement action to deal with properties containing hazards and any other significant defects identified under the Housing Health & Safety Rating System   (HHSRS) which is set out under part 1 of the Housing Act 2004.

HHSRS is the method used by local authorities to assess housing conditions.

Any residential premises should provide a safe and healthy environment for any potential occupier and visitor.

The system applies to all dwellings including owner occupied, privately rented, Council and Housing Association dwellings.

The HHSRS is not a standard which the property must meet, as was the case with the previous fitness standard, but it is a system to assess the likely risk of harm that could occur from any deficiency associated with a dwelling. A deficiency is a variation from the ideal standard and may be due to an inherent design or manufacturing fault, or due to disrepair, deterioration or lack of maintenance.

If there are any defects in the property which you rent or you are unhappy with its condition you should contact the Home Improvement Team on 01267 234567.

Following your complaint or enquiry an officer will contact you within 3 working days and will arrange a convinient date and time with you to inspect the property.

The officer will inspect the property as a whole and if defects are identified that present a risk to the health, safety or wellbeing of any occupants the investigating officer will take the appropriate action to deal with it.

Where landlords fail to co-operate with the authority or the hazards are so bad the officer may serve a statutory notice.

Landlords are also reminded that if they are served with any formal statutory notices they will be charged £400 by the authority.

What if works are not completed?

The works specified in any formal notice must be completed within the time given. The Council may give extra time in exceptional cases. If the work is not completed by the specified date, the Council may carry out the work and charge the recipient of the notice for the cost of the works, administration charges plus interest. In addition, the Council may also prosecute for non-compliance. Prosecution can lead to heavy fines as well as daily fines for each day that the offence continues.

Gas Safety

There is a duty to obtain early certification of gas appliances by a GAS SAFE registered installer. A landlord is obliged to keep a record of the safety checks and these must be shown to tenants if requested. Any works on gas appliances must be carried out by a registered contractor, who will then certify the safety of appliances.

For more information visit the HSE website.

Electrical Safety

Similar to the above, it is recommended that an electrical safety certificate is obtained each year for any smoke alarms or emergency lighting systems. If any electrical work is carried out, it is advisable to obtain a completion certificate from the contractor in accordance with the Wiring Regulations. This will be asked for in any notice requiring work on electrical systems.

For more information visit the HSE website.


HHSRS Enforcement Guidance.pdf

HHSRS Operating Guidance.pdf

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