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Carmarthenshire recycles 55% during second quarter  

New figures show Carmarthenshire recycled 55% of its rubbish during the second quarter of this year.
The results from the Environment Agency’s WasteDataFlow system for July to September 2012 show a four per cent increase in the county’s reuse/recycling/composting rate compared to the same period the previous year.
This means Carmarthenshire is on track to meet to meet the first statutory target of 52% set by Welsh Government for this year.
Executive Board Member for Street Scene Cllr Colin Evans said: “I am delighted with these latest figures released by Welsh Government which show that here in Carmarthenshire we are doing very well in recycling our rubbish.
“I would like to thank householders for all their efforts in separating their rubbish to go into blue bags to be recycled and their food waste for composting.
“We are confident that we will meet and possibly exceed the first statutory target for recycling which is 52% for 2012/13.
“However, it is so important we keep up the good work as the targets continue to increase in future years reaching 70% by 2025. If we don’t meet these targets, then we will be fined, and in this tough economic climate that is the last thing we want.”
A number of initiatives are underway across the county to help residents to recycle including the introduction of recycling banks for small electricals and a partnership with Age Cymru to help older people with their rubbish.
The council has also recently employed a Community Recycling Advisor with funding secured from the European Regional Development Fund, through the Welsh Government.
Much of the work is concentrated in low participation areas and involves door-knocking to try and encourage householders to recycle.
Overall Wales recycled 54% of its waste between July and September 2012. Welcoming the figures, Environment and Sustainable Development Minister John Griffiths said: “With the UK’s highest recycling rate, Wales is leading the way in effective waste management. Our rising recycling rates are largely the result of the funding we have provided councils to improve their collection services and the way that they have managed these changes. It is also thanks to the commitment of people right cross Wales who are choosing to take a few extra minutes each week to separate out and recycle their waste, rather than throwing everything into the bin.”Follow us on Facebook Follow us on Facebook


Page last updated on 25/2/2013