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Housing Repairs for Council Tenants 
housing repairs

We are responsible for most of the repairs to your home but there are some items which you are responsible for and other items which, although they are the council's responsibility, you may have to pay for the cost of repair where the damage was caused maliciously or by negligence.

More information on who is responsible for what can be found in your tenancy agreement.

When you report a repair it will be placed in order of priority.

The level of priority for repairs and maintenance are as follows:

Priority 1 repairs are emergency repairs with a 24 Hr response time.
Priority 2 repairs are urgent repairs with a 7 day response time.
Priority 3 repairs are non-urgent repairs with a 42 day response time.
Priority 4 is planned work linked to the Delivery of the Carmarthenshire Homes Standard.

Work the council must do to your house

The council makes a safety check of all heating appliances ever year, as required by law. Notification will always be given so that we can arrange access.

Planned maintenance

We are currently working on bring all of our stock up to the Carmarthenshire Homes Standard. Work has been programmed up until 2014.

Your right to repair

As a secure council tenant, you have the right to have repairs done in your home within a specific time under the Right to Repair scheme.
The scheme ensures jobs, which might affect your safety or security are done quickly and easily.

If the first contractor doesn't do your repair in time, you should phone the council and tell them to get a second contractor to carry out the work. If the second contractor fails to complete the work in time you may be eligible for compensation.

There could be a good reason why the contractor was unable to complete the repair on time, such as if you weren't home to keep the appointment. In such cases the council will not have to pay your compensation.

Alterations / improvements to your home

You must check with your housing officer if you are intending to make changes to your home. They will tell you in writing if the changes can go ahead.

This is very important as you could be charged for the alternations when you leave the property if the improvements are unauthorised.


Compensation for improvements

You may be able to get compensation for authorised improvements you have made, please check to see what improvements are eligible for compensation.

Page last updated on 27/3/2014
Contact Details
If you need to request a repair, please phone Repairline on
tel: 0800 0851 233.
The line is open 24 hours a day.