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Affordable Housing 
woman standing outside her council house

Affordable Homes for sale

We recognise that many people would like to buy their own home and cannot afford to do so without additional help.

Although house prices have fallen over the last few years, the average house price for a ‘first time buyer’ is £94,000.

For most first time buyers who may be able to afford the monthly mortgage payments, find that they are unable to get onto the housing ladder as mortgage lenders often insist on 10 or even 20% deposits.

Affordable housing is ‘subsidised’ accommodation for those who can’t afford to buy a suitable home on the open market. This can be through low cost private housing, affordable rented housing or shared ownership.

Most new housing developments have to provide a number of affordable homes. Families who qualify for an affordable home buy it for a percentage of the full price; depending on location. Typically an affordable house costs around £78,000 for a 3 bed house which are usually sold on a shared equity basis.

Affordable homes for sale currently available:

2 bed resale home available at Pantbryn Isaf Llanelli

This 2 bed home will be priced at  £64,894.50.

  All usually sold on a shared equity basis


For further information, please contact Affordable Homes Team.

Affordable Homes for rent

The affordable for rent scheme aims to provide a housing solution to people who are in regular work, but are unable to buy a house at the moment. This might be because they do not have a deposit, or because their income is not high enough, or there may be problems with their credit score.
Rents are above social rents normally charged by the Council and housing associations, but below open market rents. This is at or below 80% of the market rent, and normally within Local Housing Allowance for the type of property. This is needed as a safeguard in case the tenant loses their income – they will be entitled to full Housing Benefit if they are fully occupying the property.

Affordable homes for rent currently available:


Page last updated on 09/3/2015
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