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Page last updated on 24/10/2014
Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction Scheme 

Reduce your Council Tax Bill

If you are on a low income and have to pay rent or Council Tax then you may be able to get help to cover your costs.

Due to recent changes in the rules, if you weren't eligible before, you

may be now because from 2 November 2009 Child Benefit income is fully disregarded for Housing Benefit purposes and for Council Tax Reduction. 

The capital threshold for people who have reached the qualifying age for State Pension Credit is £10,000.

Housing Benefit

Housing Benefit helps towards the cost of your rent.

This includes some privately rented properties and Housing Association properties, you can have payment by cheque or BACs and this is called Rent Allowance.

If you are a council tenant it is deducted from your rent and is called a rent rebate.

Local Housing Allowance(LHA)

Local Housing Allowance(LHA) is a type of Housing Benefit (HB) payment for tenants who live in privately rented accommodation that are on a low income.

It does not replace HB. It uses a flat rate allowance based on the size of the tenant’s household and the area in which the property is located.

It is paid directly to the tenant usually by BACs.

The Rent Officer Service sets the local housing allowance rates for every local authority in Wales from April each year. These rates change on an annual basis.

Council Tax Reduction

You may be able to claim help towards your Council Tax payments if you are on a low income. From April 2013 this is known as Council Tax Reduction.

As this is means tested you will need to provide proof of your income, benefits and savings so that the council can work out exactly what you are entitled to. 

You will also need to provide information about your family and others living with you as this will also affect how much reduction you can claim.

 Change in Circumstances

You must notify the council immediately when there is a change in your personal circumstances which may affect your benefit/reduction, you must do this within a month of your change. Examples of changes are:

  • Any change in the income or capital of you or your partner.
  • When anyone who lives with you becomes 18 or if there are any changes in the personal circumstances, income or capital of anyone living with you who is over 18.
  • When anyone enters or leaves your property either on a temporary or permanent basis (including any joint tenants)
  • Any change in your Tenancy conditions.
  • Please note that even if you have notified the DWP you are still required to notify the Council separately if you are receiving Housing and/or Council Tax Reduction.

Failure to declare your correct circumstances or to give false information is a criminal offence and may lead to prosecution.

This information is given as a guide only and is not intended to reflect the Benefits Legislation in its entirety.  For more information please contact the Benefits Section directly.

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