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Tudalen wedi ei diweddaru ar 30/9/2008
Moderneiddio'r Ddarpariaeth Addysg 

Carmarthenshire County Council is committed to providing an education service that will ensure equal access to comprehensive and high quality education opportunities for all children, young people and adults.

A key element within the Council commitment to improving access and managing learning provision is the need to develop school as centres of learning within their local communities.

In March 2001 the Authority acknowledged the significant inadequacies relating to its school buildings and sites and approved its Planning School Places Strategy. This concluded, “the Authority must radically review its current position and reassert the locations, size nature of the community schools it determines as required in the longer term”.

It therefore developed an approved Modernising Education Provision (MEP) strategy and as a result a whole county review of its schools was undertaken with a draft implementation plan to meet its vision for the future of education in the county.

Recent inspections by Estyn and the Audit commission have led them to conclude,   ‘the county council has a clear vision for the future of its schools’ and ‘the Modernising Education Provision is innovative and far reaching’.